How does mold get in my attic?

Mold needs moisture to grow, so the real question is “why is there water in my attic”. Attics and roofs are complex in how they work. They need to be water proof even in high winds, but be able to dry out when water inevitably gets in. Roof leaks and ice dams are common ways to get water in your attic. It is also possible to get water there when bathrooms are improperly vented. Pumping steamy warm air into an attic is an amazingly good way to grow mold. I have seen so many homes with bathroom vents running to ridge vents and soffit vents (this never works very well) and even a few that just vent to the attic (this never works at all). Attics dry out using airflow. If the airflow is blocked then the drying process stops and mold starts. Blocked vents or crushed insulation baffles are the most common ways to stop the airflow.

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