Protect Your Business From Fire Damage

fire damage restoration A fire can be a devastating event, leading to destruction of property or more importantly, loss of lives. To make sure that your staff and employees are protected in the event that a fire breaks out, it is essential that every business have a fire suppression system and of course, an evacuation plan.

Your fire suppression system should be installed by a skilled professional that specializes in commercial properties as small as 300 square foot office space to a large industrial facility. These professionals know exactly where to place each extinguishing unit to assure the proper coverage to minimize the damage.

Your employees should be aware of the best escape routes in case a fire or a major disaster takes place. Every workplace, business or organization must have an evacuation plan in place but it is of the utmost importance to review these emergency plans for it to be effective. If your company does not have regularly scheduled drilled, please contact your operations manager/supervisor to put one in place.

Even with the most sophisticated fire extinguishing units in place, your business or organization may have to close based on the severity of the damage. When this occurs, another plan should be on standby. A plan that will get your business up and running again in the least amount of time. Remember this; 50% of businesses close after a major disaster strikes their facility. To reduce the risk of a total loss, trusting a commercial mitigation company to do your work is imperative.

Courtesy of WET