Pack-out, Cleaning, and Storage of Your Contents After a Disaster

contents cleaningIf you’re recovering from a disaster, the last thing that may be on your mind could be the contents of your home, but they require just as much care as the structure of your property. Pack-outs are a way to making cleaning a property hit with a disaster, much simpler.

  • Contents are organized and placed in secure boxes and containers.
  • Those packages are moved to a safe area while cleaning takes place.
  • Your home or commercial building can be more quickly cleaned while empty.
  • Additionally, if items that were “packed out” need to be dried or cleaned, they can be handled without slowing down your property’s recovery.
  • Large items, such as furniture, appliances, or equipment can be stored until clean up and restoration process has taken place.

The pack-out, cleaning, and storage processes all make the recovery times much shorter after a disaster, and are a very smart way for both homes and businesses to cut down on the amount of time necessary to get back to “life as normal.”

When is a Pack-out Necessary?

  • Fires/Smoke Contamination: Pack-outs can sort smoke or fire damaged goods from those that don’t need to be restored or disposed of. Cleaning can be performed on upholstery, curtains, or any flooring that can be restored. Storage can ensure that there’s no further water damage, which is a concern from the extinguishing of a fire. Additionally, you can cut down on the amount of odors your items will hold by removing and storing them in a safe area.
  • Floods: Pack-outs can ensure that there will be no hazardous water exposure to items that may have been away from the initial water damage, as well as prevent serious mold growth.
  • Hurricanes: With a combination of both structural damage and water damage to be concerned with, a pack-out is an efficient way to make sure that your furniture, appliances, and other items are safely stored while you assess and restore any damage caused by a serious storm.
  • Earthquakes: Once the property has been deemed safe, a pack-out will put all of your movable items into a safe location to prevent further damage, and to allow for proper repair and restoration of the affected parts of the property.

For almost any disaster, the pack-out process is one of your best bets to avoid losing any items to damage, or to increasing the costs that a disaster can have once all is said and done.

Storage for items after a disaster can be arranged on short or long term agreements based on the individual situations that a disaster causes. Long term storage arrangements are completely normal in most cases, especially in those where an area of a property has been extensively damaged, and serious contractor services may be required for restoration.

Work with a professional disaster recovery contractor to find out more about pack-out services, and to get emergency contact information so that you’ll be ready if and when a disaster strikes.

Author: Dick Wagner