Hotel Headaches Caused By Water Damage

hotel water damageMany have experienced the nightmare of a flooded house, either from a major rain or from a broken pipe. Even a toilet overflow can cause huge problems in your home, so imagine the challenge when water damage happens at the commercial level! In a hotel there are usually multiple floors, many guests, water running for an unknown length of time and more. Listed here are just a few of the types of water damage you could expect:

  • Damage to flooring and walls
  • Ceilings (in top down flooding)
  • Wet and even contaminated upholstery and furniture
  • Electrical wiring affected, causing serious safety hazards.
  • Mold contamination and growth.
  • Pest concerns.

When water damage affects your home you have one or two floors to be concerned about. However, when you’re assessing water damage for a hotel, you will likely be dealing with hundreds of rooms an many floors. While it’s unlikely they will all be damaged by water, the condition becomes complicated when you’ve got carpeting and mold involved. Adding to the complication is guests, and the need to keep the rooms rented!

The One-Two Combination

Water traveling throughout the floor creates the potential for serious mold growth making the problem even worse. Mold grows in spaces that have adequate amounts of moisture where there is minimal light. It only takes about 48 hours for mold colonies to develop, and spores can exist for prolonged periods of time before they start growing. In a hotel, or any large commercial space, this can translate into a persistent, difficult to remove mold infestation that could continue for months after the initial water damage.

The problem is compounded if the mold is able to access multiple floors of the hotel. It’s unsightly, can give off an odor, and often is very dangerous for the health of your guests. If you have mold growth near perishable goods, that could be a disaster in and of itself.

Other structural damage and deterioration is also likely without proper water damage clean-up using skilled professionals.

Make the Right Call

If you are the owner or manager of a hotel, this isn’t the time to be cutting corners and looking for short cuts. You need to take water damage in your hotel seriously, and that means calling in a professional like Water Extraction Team. Water damage removal and mold remediation services can accomplish in a short time what it might take your employees weeks to do, and PREP certified contractors do it properly the first time.

  • Get safe water damage restoration, especially in cases where standing pools of water may be a bio hazard, such as backed up sewage lines.
  • Work with insured and certified contractors, and you will get water damage professionals that have commercial grade equipment and testing tools.
  • Make sure that mold won’t come back, with mold detection equipment and techniques that can get to the root of the problem.

For safety, for efficiency, and for long lasting results, professional services are an absolute must. You wouldn’t trust your elevator repairs to an amateur technician, or your structural repair work to an employee that looked up tips on the internet. Let the professionals handle your water damage clean-up.