Water Damage in Your Property – Can You Prevent It?

Plumbing CloseupAs one of the top providers of water damage repair and restoration services in the Greater Cleveland area, Water Extraction Team (WET), has some suggestions on preventing water damage in your business or home.

One of the most common reasons for property insurance claims is Water Damage, and often can be prevented easily by following just a few simple common sense steps. Even with insurance coverage, your deductible (what you have to pay), could be thousands of dollars!

  • Inspect tubs and showers to make sure the caulking around them is watertight. Old, dried, or loose caulking should be removed and new caulking should be used. Caulking prevents water from seeping into the walls and floors – becoming a hidden nightmare.
  • Toilets, sinks and washer hoses should be inspected every six months to make sure there are no leaks. Hoses, especially to the washing machine, can become dry and brittle and will eventually crack over time causing a major water disaster. You should replace hoses every four to five years, ideally with heavy duty, steel braided hoses.
  • Floor pans should be installed under appliances such as washers and water heaters, since these can help prevent damage from slow, undetected leaks.
  • Everyone should know where the water main valve is located, and know how to shut it off in the event of an emergency. We suggest you teach everyone in the building (or home) where the water shut-off is, and how to turn it off. Stopping uncontrolled water from a burst pipe or other similar problem can prevent major damage. We also strongly recommend that you tag the valve for easy recognition, and even include a phone number on the tag of Water Extraction Team (WET) 440-379-1607. We are there for you around the clock!
  • Another recommended, and inexpensive technology is Leak Alarms. They work like smoke alarms, only they are designed to detect unusual water flow. They are normally placed in basements, bathrooms, kitchens, and next to sump pumps. These alarms could save you thousands in major water damage to your property.
  • A water flow monitoring system is also recommended. It measures the water flow into the home, (connected to the incoming water line of your property) and detects any changes in flow patterns or amounts of water being used. If there is a continuous flow of water detected, it shuts off water to the home automatically.

Water damage comes from many sources, including; ground overflow, frozen and broken pipes, mechanical failures and even carelessness – such as letting a tub or sink overflow.

The trusted disaster recovery company, Water Extraction Team (WET) is the leading water damage restoration company in the greater Cleveland area. They are available 24/7/365 and many property owners and managers depend on WET to provide professional priority response during a disaster event.

Author: Dick Wagner