Basement Water Damage Prevention– Keeping Basements Dry


Basement Water Damage Prevention

As the lowest point of an Ohio property, basements are especially vulnerable to water damage caused by leaks, flooding or other major water intrusion events. Basement leaks or basement floods in Ohio can lead to serious property damage, compromised structural integrity, widespread mold growth and a very expensive repair bill. As a home or business owner in Cleveland OH, you can implement the necessary precautions to protect your basement and minimize the risk of moisture issues that can lead to serious water damage.

Whether it is water damage in a residential property or water damage in a commercial property, Lake County OH property owners can play a key role in preventing major basement moisture issues and preventing extensive basement water damage.

How To Keep Your Ohio Basement Dry

Lake County Ohio basements are notoriously damp and musty. All too often, property owners just chalk it up to, “Oh it’s a basement. That’s how basements are.” That is not true. With the necessary maintenance repairs and appropriate moisture control tactics in place, you can keep your basement dry and prevent basement water damage.

  • Foundation-leak-water-damage-cleveland-ohioGutters– Your gutters should be clean and free of debris at all times. Clogged gutters can lead to water pooling around the foundation walls. With time, this can cause foundation damage and possible water intrusion into your basement. If your gutters are full of leaves, debris or other obstructions, clean them immediately. If your gutters are frequently clogged, you might want to consider installing gutter guards to help keep leaves and debris out of the gutters.
  • DownspoutsYour downspouts should also be clean and free of debris. Equally important, downspouts need to extend far enough in order to effectively divert water away from your foundation walls. Insufficient downspouts can allow water to collect at your foundation walls, leading to foundation damage and possible moisture intrusion. Homeowners should assess the water pattern around all downspouts to make sure that water is being diverted away from the property.
  • Foundation Beyond just your basement, your foundation is the key to maintaining the structural integrity of the whole building. Foundation maintenance is crucial in preventing water damage in your Ohio basement. You should conduct thorough foundation inspections at least twice a year, with quick, less thorough assessments a couple of times in between full inspections. You should keep your eyes peeled for signs of foundation damage and address any cracks or foundation issues right away. Early detection and repair can make all the difference in preventing serious basement water damage and additional property damage.
  • GradingWater should always flow away from your structure. Landscaping around the property should slope away from the home or business. Any masonry or pavement should also direct water away from the property. Pay close attention to water patterns around your home or business. If you notice water being directed towards the property, this can be a serious problem. Sloping towards the home forces water directly towards your commercial or residential building and allows water to collect at your foundation walls. Be sure to address grading issues right away.
  • DrainsClogged drains cannot function properly. It is important to keep your drains clean and clear at all times. Regularly check and clean your basement floor drains. If you have drains at your basement steps, make sure the drains at the base of the steps are free and clear of debris. Stair drains in older homes tend to be on the smaller size and are prone to clogging. If you have a drainage system (i.e.: french drain or sump pump), you need to conduct regular checks to make sure they are functioning properly and effectively draining water as needed.

Proper maintenance and adequate moisture control can be quick, simple and inexpensive. More importantly, maintenance and moisture control can go a long way in preventing serious basement water damage. Don’t leave your basement vulnerable to water damage due to lack of maintenance or insufficient moisture control.  


Professional Basement Water Damage Restoration 

Sometimes, despite all the precautions and doing the right things for your Ohio basement, some major water events are inevitable. If you are faced with a major water leak or flood in your basement, contact the professionals immediately. Basement waters need to be thoroughly extracted and the structure needs to be properly dried out in order to protect your home or business from additional damage. Water Extraction Team (WET) provides emergency water damage restoration services in Lake County OH and surrounding Ohio areas. The WET team of water damage cleanup technicians is fully equipped and trained to provide thorough basement structural dryout services and protect your property from additional damages and restore safe and liveable conditions.

Inadequate dryouts and water extractions can mean additional property damage, structural issues, possible mold growth and expensive, future repairs. Let the trained professionals help