Foundation Maintenance & Water Damage Prevention Cleveland Ohio


If the foundation of a structure is compromised, the problems will carry through to the upper levels. Routine foundation maintenance is a vital part of preserving and protecting your property.

The Importance of Foundation Maintenance

Your foundation serves as a base to your entire structure and is a key element to your building’s structural support. Additional, it is your first line of defense against outside elements and water intrusion into your basement or crawl space.  If the foundation of a structure is compromised, the problems will carry through to the upper levels. Routine foundation maintenance is a vital part of preserving and protecting your property. Ohio homeowners should dedicate some time to regularly inspect the condition of your foundation– know what to look for and be sure to address any issues right away before the issues worsen and lead to serious problems like water intrusion, flooding and water damage.

Your home is subject to a wide variety of environmental stressors every single day that can affect your foundation walls and lead to foundation problems and foundation damage. Everything, from extreme temperatures and heavy rain exposure to expanding and contracting soil and landscaping choice, can all affect your foundation and foundation walls. Poorly maintained foundations can be the catalyst to a whole host of problems like property damage, water intrusion, water damage, mold growth, structural damage, flooded Ohio basement and so much more. Issues resulting from a damaged foundation can be expensive to correct and can become a safety risk. It is important to regularly monitor foundation walls from the interior and exterior and assess surrounding environments for signs of potential problems in your foundation and/or potential threats to your foundation. Minor foundation repairs are often quick, inexpensive and can go a long way in preventing problems like water damage and mold growth.

Foundation Damage & Water Damage Prevention

Routine maintenance checks are the key to preventing foundation damage and preventing water damage. You should assess for signs of damage and correct any issues immediately. It is important to keep in mind that signs of foundation problems will not be isolated to just your foundation walls. Signs of foundation issues can present at the foundation walls and throughout the interior space of the structure. When you conduct your maintenance checks, be sure to take a look throughout your interior space as well. Assess for the following:

  • Foundation-leak-water-damage-cleveland-ohioCracks- Deep cracks in your foundation walls indicate movement that has placed significant stress on your foundation walls. Unaddressed cracks will only worsen over time and leave your foundation vulnerable to water intrusion. Minor cracks can be the result of normal shrinkage. Use a credit card as a gauge to determine the severity of the crack. If the crack runs thicker than a credit card, your foundation is likely experiencing movement that could lead to more concerning problems if not corrected.
  • Exterior Issues- Brick and stone facades are generally more fragile than the foundation itself. Typically, brick and stone walls will experience cracking sooner than the foundation due to the vulnerable mortar joints.
  • Warped and Cracked Walls- Cracked or bowing walls can easily be fixed; however, this is usually a sign of underlying foundation issues. Shifts in your foundation walls are moving your interior walls and creating the cracks and bowing. (Main culprits: soil movement under the foundation, hydrostatic pressure and poor water drainage). While damage to your interior walls can be easily fixed, you NEED to address the underlying foundation problems. Unaddressed foundation problems will only grow worse with time.
  • Sagging Floors-Warped and sagging floors can be directly related to foundation problems– Contributing factors: Shifting soil, humidity from seepage, and inadequate foundation waterproofing.
  • Crooked Doors and Windows- Like your walls and floors, your doors and windows may shift with foundation problems. Doors and windows affected by foundation problems will be difficult to open and close, and they will display uneven gaping around the jamb.

Poorly maintained foundations cannot effectively keep water out of your basement or crawl space. Even minor foundation problems can develop into serious issues that can allow water intrusion into your basement or crawl space. Water can be incredibly destructive to your building materials and leave you with extensive property damage. In a short period of time, unaddressed water buildup will soak into porous building materials nearby and spread to additional areas.

Water Damage Restoration Cleveland Ohio

If foundation problems have caused water intrusion into your Cleveland Ohio basement or crawl space, you need to contact a water damage restoration company in your Cleveland Ohio area. A team of professional water restoration technicians will have the necessary training and equipment to properly extract the water and complete an effective structural dry out. If water damaged building materials are not properly addressed in a timely manner, mold can begin to develop and spread. In addition to water restoration services, you might also be in need of professional mold removal services.