Most Common Causes for Sewer Backups in Cleveland Ohio Properties

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The Most Common Causes for Sewer Backups in Cleveland Ohio Properties

Raw sewage contains dangerous bacteria and leaves behind serious property damage. So, we can all agree that hazardous sewage backups are not fun. The good news is that Cleveland Ohio homeowners can take the necessary precautions to prevent sewer leaks and backups. A little knowledge about the most common causes of sewer backups and prevention methods can go a long way in avoiding an expensive and stressful sewage problem. The following are a few of the most common culprits behind sewer leaks and sewage backups in Cuyahoga County OH homes and business.


The most common cause of a sewage backup in the Cuyahoga County region are clogged lines. Various debris and dirt (i.e.: excess toilet paper, hair, grease, etc.) sent down the drain can collect and clog your sewer lines. Clogs usually occur because of misuse and abuse of the sewage lines, without proper maintenance. Just because it fits down the drain, does not mean it belongs down the drain. Ohio homeowners should always monitor drains. If you are experiencing repeat backups that affect multiple drains at the same time, it could be an indication that there is a larger problem at the main line. Clogs should be addressed right away — consult a professional.

Prevention: It is important to complete routine checks and maintenance of all drains. If you detect a potential drainage issues, you should address it right away. You should always use your drains properly for their intended purpose. Again, just because it fits in the drain, does not mean it belongs in the drain. You should never treat your toilets, sinks and garbage disposal like trash receptacles. Avoid flushing items like cleaning wipes, napkins, diapers and other products down toilet. Do not abuse your garbage disposal by sending large quantities of waste down the drain.


Tree roots are notoriously strong, vicious and non-discriminatory about its growth pattern. Underground tree roots can stretch several feet beyond the tree itself. In some scenarios, roots can grow into or around your sewer pipes. This can cause holes, blockages, or complete breakage. Identifying a potential tree root problem can be difficult because it’s beyond the surface. Because of their far-reaching roots, even trees planted further away can threaten your lines.

Prevention: Cleveland homeowners should make every effort to remove trees and tree roots near all sewer lines. If you suspect that tree roots might be a problem for your sewer line, consider having your lines inspected. Early detecting allows homeowners the opportunity to address a tree root issue before it has the chance to do too much damage.


Older homes were commonly constructed with cast iron or clay sewer lines. These materials tend to deteriorate quickly over time. Aging sewage systems can break down, crack and warp with time. This leads to sewage backups and leaves homeowners with sewage flooded basements and/or sewage flooded crawl spaces. The American Society of Civil Engineers indicates that the nation’s 500,000-plus miles of sewer lines are on average over thirty years old. This means that your Cuyahoga County home could be connected to an already aging sewage system.

Prevention: Plastic pipes have become the norm in more recent constructions. If you are concerned that your pipes might be deteriorating, you should consider replacing your pipes with plastic pipes. If you are considering replacing your pipes, consult a professional that will be able to suggest appropriate piping options for your home.

Sewage Cleanup Services in Cuyahoga County Ohio

sewer leak cuyahoga county ohWhile prevention is ideal, sometimes things just happen. Despite all the necessary precautions, maintenance and preventatives — some sewage backups are inevitable. If problems in your sewer lines have caused a sewage backup in your Cleveland Ohio home or property, you need to contact a water damage professional for help. Sewage water contains human waste and bodily fluids that carry countless bacteria and viruses. Exposure to contaminated waters without the necessary personal protection can be harmful. Cleanup requires specific extraction procedures, cleaning procedures and safety protocols.  A professionally trained sewage cleanup team in Cleveland will have the necessary equipment, cleaning agents and personal protection to safely and effectively extract the sewage waters and complete a structural dry out. Following extraction, the sewage contaminated space will be thoroughly disinfected and deodorized to restore a clean and safe environment.

The experts at Water Extraction Team are properly trained and prepared to safely and effectively cleanup after sewage backups in homes throughout the Cuyahoga County Ohio area. To learn more about sewage cleanup in Cleveland Ohio, call today!