Water Extraction Team (WET) is pleased to announce a new chapter in our journey as we proudly introduce Katie and Nate Stansberry as the owners of our family-owned and operated business based in Fairport, Ohio. Bringing a wealth of business expertise to the forefront, Katie and Nate are thrilled to assume leadership of the seasoned WET team. With a collective 30 years of industry experience, this accomplished team has firmly established itself with a remarkable track record of excellence.

Water Extraction Team (WET) is a family-owned and operated business founded in 2009 in Fairport, Ohio. We provide emergency water removal, structural drying, fire damage, smoke damage, mold removal, and contents cleaning services. Owners Katie and Nate Stansberry assumed ownership in 2023 with a continued dedication to delivering unparalleled emergency water removal, structural drying, fire damage restoration, smoke damage remediation, mold removal, and contents cleaning services.

WET specializes in water removal and structural drying – the goal is to mitigate the damage without causing more, and it is not always necessary to remove wet materials, adding significant replacement costs. WET uses the latest drying technology to dry in place, and save as much original material as possible.

We also provide expert fire and smoke damage restoration, as well as professional contents cleaning after a disaster. Our team is committed to restoring your property and its contents after a fire or water damage loss, and deliver only the best.

How We Operate

Each technician is trained on IICRC standards. We emphasize honest, timely, and reliable service that sets out to exceed your expectations and save you time, money & inconvenience. Our team will survey the location to identify any potential threats and actions we can take right away to mitigate your losses, to prevent future mold growth, and combat existing damage.

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Katie Stansberry

Nate Stansberry

Rhett Starr
Project Manager