A Yearly Mold Inspection For My House

Since the topic of MOLD has been quite common over the past twenty years, it’s safe to assume most of us know the potential problems it can cause to your […]

Simple Ways To Prepare Your Home For Winter

Winter, Snow and Ice, and potential damage to your home are on the agenda if you live in the northern regions of the US. Below are several tips and suggestions […]

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Looking For Signs of Water Damage When Reopening Your Business

Preparing To Reopen & Assessing For Water Damage As the country gradually prepares to reopen and return to operational, there is a lot to consider for business owners and commercial […]

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What Is Toxic Mold? Should I Be Worried?

Toxic Mold Growth Mold is responsible for the breakdown of organic matter in nature. Mold is everywhere. There will always be some mold spores indoors — the natural air exchange through […]

Outdoor Maintenance Lake County Ohio

Outdoor Maintenance Tips to Prevent Indoor Mold & Water Damage

Outdoor Maintenance for Lake County Ohio Properties Outdoor maintenance, or exterior maintenance, means maintaining and keeping in good repair of all exterior elements of the structure and surrounding the structure. […]

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Bathroom Mold Prevention & Water Damage Prevention

Bathroom mold prevention can be quick, easy and inexpensive with a few simple tips. Bathroom activities, like showering and hand washing, put a great deal of moisture into the environment […]

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Most Common Causes for Sewer Backups in Cleveland Ohio Properties

The Most Common Causes for Sewer Backups in Cleveland Ohio Properties Raw sewage contains dangerous bacteria and leaves behind serious property damage. So, we can all agree that hazardous sewage […]

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The Advantages of Hiring a Professional Restoration Company in Cleveland Ohio

When disaster strikes, you need to hire the right professionals in Lake County Ohio to help. When it comes to dealing with fire damage, water damage, storm damage or otherwise, […]


Holiday Fire Safety Tips — How to Prevent Fires this Holiday Season

As we all start to recover from our Tryptophan coma brought on by the all-day turkey binge, we will roll right into the Christmas and winter holiday season. While December marks […]

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How to Prevent Attic Water Damage & Attic Mold

Attic water damage and attic mold growth can be incredibly problematic, cause a great deal of stress, and leave you with an expensive repair bill. Attic mold and moisture can […]