bathroom mold prevention cleveland ohio

Bathroom Mold Prevention & Water Damage Prevention

Bathroom mold prevention can be quick, easy and inexpensive with a few simple tips. Bathroom activities, like showering and hand washing, put a great deal of moisture into the environment that can lead to problems if homeowners don’t pay close attention to maintenance and cleaning. Bathrooms in Cleveland are constructed handle moisture from day-to-day bathroom […]

maintain mold-free carpets ohio

Carpet Mold Prevention– Tips to Maintaining Mold-Free Carpets

Dealing With Carpet Mold Growth In Cleveland Ohio Homes Carpet mold can be tricky and illusive if Ohio homeowners are not careful. Often times, carpet mold is not visibly apparent and will not present itself at the carpet surface. Carpet mold  can be hidden beneath the porous layers of damp carpet and padding. In fact, […]

crawl space dehumidifier

Benefits of A Crawl Space Dehumidifier– Mold Prevention & Moisture Control

Crawl spaces in Cleveland Ohio can be especially vulnerable to moisture build caused by elevated humidity. Crawl space dampness caused by elevated humidity can lead to a variety of maintenance issues. Potential issues include, but are not limited to indoor air quality concerns, structural damage, pest infestations, high energy consumption and general discomfort. By keeping crawl […]