Fairport Harbor, Ohio, is a beautiful shore town on the Gulf coast of Ohio, 60 miles south of Cleveland. The park itself is a lovely park that sits just off the Fairport Harbor Causeway. Even though Fairport Harbor is a small town, with only a thousand plus residents, this makes the park’s regulations even more exacting, and Fairport Harbor Memorial Park has found itself in the crossroads of the laws that govern Ohio’s inland parkland. Fairport Harbor, OH information can be seen at this link.


Fairport Memorial Park was established thirty years ago. The park itself sits on six acres of gently used ground space between two rivers. It is a great place to sit, relax, or take pictures, watching Fairport Harbor, Ohio’s, natural landscape come to life as you wander through the park’s wooded trails and paths. There is an eight-mile walking path along Lake Sinclair’s shores and a one-mile route around the park’s perimeter. Fairport Harbor, Ohio, is very dependent upon tourism and wants to make sure it respects that dependence by making park resources available for all visitors. However, in Ohio, Fairport Harbor Memorial Park is also an excellent destination for nature lovers who want to see the park and then explore its lovely nature and landscape on their own. Discover facts about Fairport Marine Museum and Lighthouse in Fairport Harbor, Ohio – A Glimpse of The Past.

If you are looking for a beautiful Ohio destination, Fairport Harbor Memorial Park is a perfect place for you and your family or friends. You can spend a relaxing day at the Fairport Memorial Park in Fairport Harbor, Ohio, and then head back to the waterfront to enjoy an evening of water sports, or even go on an adventure trip along the Ohio River. This park has been established to maintain a high standard of cleanliness and quality in all surrounding areas surrounding the park. That quality extends to the memorial park itself. You will not only see the remains of a historic railroad depot, but you will see the remains of Fairport Harbor’s original houses, a few of the original homes that once existed on the Ohio River, and even the remains of the original Fairport Harbor dam. Now that the area has been modernized, Fairport Harbor offers you and your family or friends a chance to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery that Ohio provides year-round.