Fairport Harbor, Ohio, is a community in eastern Lake County, Ohio, just east of Fairport Harbor in Ohio. This area is on the south shore of Ohio and is bordered by Mentor, Van Hook, Oberland, and Scioto Rivers. The population in this area has been growing consistently for over a decade and is well-liked by residents for its pleasant rural feel. Fairport Harbor is the home of several notable families who have made Fairport Harbor their summer home. This includes prominent attorney Frank Sprain, who has had his home in Fairport Harbor since the early 1950s and whose family’s businesses operated there until he retired. Learn information about Fairport Harbor, OH here.


Fairport Harbor, Ohio, is owned by the Sprain family. Frank Sprain, Frank’s son, is the operator and day-to-day operator of the norms. This family has leased Fairport Harbor property to several notable businesses that have operated out of Fairport Harbor during their time in the community. Airport Harbor is also known as Fairport Harbor Village and is a small community of about four hundred people that reside there. Fairport Harbor, Ohio, is bordered by Ohio and Pittsburgh in the east, but it is within a short drive of Cleveland, Columbus, and other important cities. Fairport Harbor is actually one of the oldest neighborhoods in the northeast part of Ohio. It is bordered on three sides by the Scioto River and on the northwest by the Larch Tree. Discover facts about Concord, Ohio – The Gateway to Lake Erie.


Fairport Harbor’s real estate values are on the rise as it is becoming a sought-after destination for tourists and residents alike. It is ranked in the top 101 counties in Ohio according to the latest US Census data. The county’s real estate market is thriving, with Fairport Harbor is one of the fastest-growing towns in the state. According to the most recent county profile reports and other demographic information reports, its population percentage is well above the state average.