Fairport Harbor Port Authority in Ohio has long been a popular vacation getaway, as the area boasts many attractions such as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Ohio Village. This port authority also manages a casino at Fairport Harbor, but they are no ordinary slots or gaming tables. In recent years this waterfront resort town has seen rapid growth. Many well-known celebrities have made their homes in Fairport Harbor, including Olympic Gold Medalist Billie Jean King, jogger Tom Cruise, and singer Britney Spears. Fairport Harbor Port Authority in Ohio is a concessionaire called Fairport Harbor Management Company that owns, operates, and maintains four marinas in Fairport Harbor, Ohio, including the Venice Lagoon, Northgate Landing, Sand Point Marina, and the Billy Jealousy Park. Information can be found here.


When it comes to marine life, Fairport Harbor, Ohio, has some of the best in the region, with over forty different fish species, including several humpback whales. The most popular spot for viewing marine wildlife is the Venice Lagoon. Tourists can also enjoy the Ohio RiverWalk, which features many shops, restaurants, and gift shops. The Ohio Village is also an excellent tourist attraction, housing a restored community and a park with nature trails. See here for information about Fairport Harbor Pier in Ohio – Relax and Rejuvenate.

Fairport Harbor, Ohio, also offers over fifty miles of the Ohio river access, including the Cedar point and Sandusky river bogs. This section of the Ohio River helps relieve the pressure on the smaller Cedar Point dam, but today it is home to many boaters and tourists. Boats of all sizes can dock at the marina, which features plenty of refreshment docks, rod and reel rentals, and fishing areas. For those who prefer to fish from the water simply, the Fairport Harbor Port Authority in Ohio also offers charter services for individuals or groups planning an Ohio River trip. Whether it is just a day trip or an entire vacation, there is no reason why visitors won’t find everything they need at Fairport Harbor.