Fairport Harbor is a small-sized harbor on the southern shores of Lake Erie, Ohio. It has been called the “Ferrytown of Ohio” due to its numerous shore excursions and a large variety of waterfront attractions. A visit to Fairport Marine Museum and Lighthouse offers a person a chance to witness the different cultures that impact Fairport Harbor. Visiting this community will allow an individual to see the different cultures that have made their mark on this community and learn about their early customs. More can be found here.


For over three centuries, Fairport Harbor has been a haven for tourists, allowing them to see southwestern Ohio’s natural beauty. It is home to the Fairport Marine Museum and Lighthouse. A nineteenth-century sailing vessel was restored to its original condition. This natural attraction is surrounded by water on all sides. It offers visitors many ways to explore the area, including hiking, boating, swimming, and fishing. For those who want more adventure, the Scuba Diving Center offers lessons in all diving subjects, including scuba, wreck diving, and underwater photography. Learn more about Fairport Harbor Yacht Club in Ohio – Sail Away with the Memories of Your Favorite Experiences.

The Fairport Marine Museum and Lighthouse in Fairport Harbor allow a person the opportunity to become familiar with the history of Fairport Harbor and to see many of the early wooden lighthouses that helped shape the area into what it is today. This museum also features a nature trail that allows visitors to explore the site’s natural beauty and the lighthouses’ history. All ages can enjoy several activities. During the summer months, there is always a free day of fishing available and the ability to take advantage of the fireworks display on Fairport Harbor during the Juneau Independence Day Festival. There is still something to enjoy when visiting Fairport Harbor.