Perry, Ohio, is a booming industrial town in the northeast corner of the state. Known for its ability to attract some of the best employers in the world, this steel town has been named one of the NAIC’s Top Small Business Communities. When you visit Perry, Ohio, you will be able to experience everything that this region has to offer. Ohio’s unique culture and history make it an excellent destination for families and individuals looking to explore the endless possibilities within this beautiful community. Click here for facts about Fairport Harbor, OH.


The history of Perry, Ohio, goes all the way back over a century. This industrial town was founded in the late part of the nineteenth century when Temperance Perry, a Scottish immigrant, set up a foundry in the hills of Perry county. Today this location is an active steel production town that serves to manufacture everything from valves and pipe to auto parts and aerospace equipment. Energy production is also a huge part of Perry’s economy. It is home to Marathon Petroleum Corporation, a division of Exxon Mobile, one of the largest gasoline and diesel producers. Perry is also home to a thriving solar power industry and a thriving film and television industry. Perry is a bustling community located about two hours north of Cleveland, in the center of Lake County in Ohio. The last time I was in Perry was in the late 70s, and it was fascinating to see all the old buildings that are still standing, even though many of them were destroyed in the Great Depression. Perry is a quaint village in Lake County, Ohio, a region that borders the Ohio and West Virginia borders. Click here to read about Why Living in Painesville, Ohio is Fantastic.

Today the town of Perry is known for many things. Not only does it boast an active steel industry, but it also leads the nation in a number of Fortunes. With such a stellar history in place, it comes as no surprise that more people are choosing this town to move to live for their futures. Ohio is truly a great place for anyone looking to start a new life or expand an existing one, and Perry, Ohio, is the perfect spot to do both!