Kirtland Hills, Ohio, is a charming, historic community in Lake County, Ohio, just south of Cleveland and within the Cleveland area. Kirtland Hills, originally a farming community, was developed to be a desirable residential neighborhood. There are fine homes and apartments to be found here with everything you’d need to make your summer living a comfortable experience. Kirtland Hills’ main road, Cedar Street, is the place where Cleveland’s Central Library is located. Kirtland Hills boasts many fine restaurants and bars where you can enjoy a dinner or a cup of coffee with a fellow traveler while listening to the beat of the early morning crow. More about Fairport Harbor, OH can be seen here.


Kirtland Hills was established in the late 1800s as a small farming village that was accessible by train. This was designed to provide the residents with close proximity to the larger cities of Cleveland and Columbus. The original population was less than twenty, but today the Kirtland Hills area is one of the fastest-growing communities in eastern Ohio, with a population of over eight hundred people. The latest figures have Kirtland Hills at number twenty on the national list of the fastest-growing cities. Click here to read about Grand River, Ohio – Natural Scenery.

Kirtland Hills, Ohio, ranks among the top twenty communities in Ohio for its excellent quality of life, great weather, cultural resources, and recreational choices. With a median age of forty, it is among the youngest communities in Ohio and ranks number twenty in the nation for its population. Kirtland Hills, Ohio, has recently been featured in the National Geographic Traveler’s Travelers’ Best Destinations list. You’ll find all the fun and entertainment you could want in this great community. Kirtland Hills, Ohio, has much to offer you and your family.