The Grand River Landing Park in Fairport Harbor, Ohio, is not the typical backyard park that you would find in any southern Ohio neighborhood. It was designed to be a tourist attraction and an urban recreational complex with a variety of amenities, including boat slips, kayaking, and tubing in addition to the many other outdoor activities such as basketball courts, hiking paths, picnic tables, and of course, the Grand River Water Cruise. If you live anywhere near Ohio, you will be able to take a cruise across the Grand River at some point during the year; however, this is not the only attraction that you will find here. Click here for facts about Fairport Harbor, OH.


If you love to fish or sail, Grand River Landing Park in Fairport Harbor, Ohio, is the perfect place for you to do both! You can easily walk to the marina, load your boat, and head out for some fishing, either in the calm waters of Lake Erie or the deeper waters of the Grand River. If you choose, you can also enjoy a leisurely sail on a powerboat ride along the Grand River. When you are done fishing, simply reel in your line and return to the boat, where you can enjoy a delicious meal while watching the beautiful sunset on the water. Click here to read about Appreciate The Culture and History of Fairport Harbor, OH at Finnish Heritage Museum.

You may also want to consider taking a cruise through the Ohio River. Ohio’s largest city, Columbus, is only about an hour’s drive away and offers a wealth of exciting sights and experiences along the river that will appeal to nearly everyone. For those who prefer to stay dry, fishing is also an option for the Ohio River. Many areas are close to the Ohio River and have beautiful beaches as well as boating and fishing. A Grand River Landing Park in Fairport Harbor, Ohio, is ideal for a family outing or a romantic weekend getaway with your significant other.