Disaster cleanup safety tips

Avoid these dangerous actions:

  1. Using a household vacuum to remove excess water
  2. Using electrical appliances while standing on wet floors or carpets
  3. Going into any room with standing water while the electricity is on
  4. Lifting tacked-down carpet without professional help (causes damage and shrinkage)
  5. Entering a room where the ceiling is sagging
  6. Delaying calls for professional help (the longer you wait the more damage occurs)

Taking these actions can minimize your loss due to flooding:

  1. Shut off water source if possible
  2. Mop and blot the saturated area to remove as much water as possible
  3. Wipe excess water from furniture
  4. Place aluminum foil between legs and wet carpet
  5. Prop up wet furniture cushions for even drying
  6. Loop drapes through a coat hanger or curtain rod to get off flooring
  7. Remove area rugs
  8. Turn on air conditioner if weather permits
  9. Move photos, artwork, and other valuables to a safe, dry location
  10. Remove damp books from shelves and lay open to dry
  11. Open closet doors, furniture drawers, and luggage to facilitate drying
  12. Remove wet fabrics and dry immediately
If you have any questions about these or other actions to take before Water Extraction Team arrives, call us at 440-356-6333.