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Disaster can and will strike at the most inopportune time and without warning. How you react after a disaster has occurred can make all of the difference. When fire, smoke, water, mold, sewage, or other unwanted contamination affects your contents after a disaster strikes, Water Extraction Team (WET) can help! Our team of professionals can meet with you as soon as possible after a disaster to implement a plan of action to address any damaged belongings. Because Water Extraction Team (WET) provides disaster cleanup services our technicians understand how your contents are affected and have a higher chance of salvaging your personal belongings. Water Extraction Team (WET) can determine whether or not your belongings can be cleaned and restored or if they are beyond repair.

Pack-Out & Pack-In

Water Extraction Team (WET) provides pack-out and pack-in services for your belongings. All of your possessions are cataloged and photographed. Any items that can be salvaged will be safely packed and transported to our secure cleaning and restoration facility. Once your items have reached our facility they are carefully cleaned, sanitized, restored, and safely repacked and stored until they are ready to be transported back to your home.


WET Provides Complete Content Cleaning Services

Water Extraction Team (WET) can also take care of any possessions that are non-salvable by properly disposing of them or recycling them.  We won’t leave you to pick up the broken pieces. Water Extraction Team (WET) appreciates your trust and we recognize the importance of your loss. We are dedicated to providing the best, most professional content cleaning services during this stressful time in your life.