Sewage Backup? 5 Signs of Trouble

sewageIt has been a hot, hot, hot summer here in Cleveland so far! During the summer months, we get a number of calls about sewage lines backups that happen for a number of reasons – perhaps water from a heavy rain entering the sewer pipe, or new tree root growth impeding the path of the pipe. No matter the cause, it can be a stinky, unpleasant problem.

If you think there might be an issue somewhere in your sewer line, there are five warning signs that may point you in the right direction. However, if you think there is a problem, it is often better to call in a professional right away to do a full inspection before the issue worsens and causes more damage.

Here are five warning signs of potential trouble in your sewer line:

Multiple Clogged Drains: Clogged drains are relatively common in every home, and one clog certainly does not necessarily indicate a bigger problem. It could be as simple as a hair clog. However, if there are multiple clogged drains in your home, especially in lesser used sinks like a laundry room or guest bath, there might be an unseen problem lurking.

Bubbles: Here is an easy one to spot! If you have a clogged drain or suspect a clog, watch for bubbles to come back to the surface of the water as you run the faucet. You may also notice bubbles in the toilet when you flush. If it happens repeatedly, it could indicate a problem in the line.

Slow Flushes: Again, just like having a clogged drain, a slow flush is somewhat common and often solved by a plunger. However, if one of your toilets is suddenly flushing slowly all the time, you’ve found another possible warning sign of an issue in your sewer line. If there is a problem with the line, normal plunging won’t improve the water flow out of the house, and there is a bigger issue that needs to be addressed.

Running one faucet triggers a backup somewhere else: This is pretty straightforward! If you are running the upstairs shower and the water starts to back up in the downstairs bathroom sink, there is likely a problem somewhere in the line.

A foul smell coming from the drains. This is a very easy one to pick up on. If you ever turn on a faucet anywhere in your home, and it is accompanied by a foul smell coming up the drain pipe, it might be an indication of a problem. Drains going out of your house should not have a smell.

A sewage backup can mean major, costly damage to your home and belongings, and create a pretty unpleasant situation all around. However, knowing the warning signs and calling for help early can help get ahead of the problem.

If you do have a backup in your home right now, it is advised that you get outside and call in the Water Extraction Team!

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