In Fairport Harbor, Ohio, the Finnish Heritage Museum is an incorporated not-for-profit organization established to preserve and promote Finnish culture and heritage. The museum fills a gap in the area that had no comparably large-scale historical museums. It has thus far succeeded in preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of Finland. The museum is home to an exceptional range of artifacts, including posters from the 1950s featuring contemporary Finland, woodworking items, and Finnish designs. Exhibitions have featured works by modern and Finnish artists alike, and some drawn directly from the original documents and paintings of the Finnish period. The museum’s feature is a permanent exhibition hall that presents contemporary and Finnish architects and others worldwide. See more here.


There are three main sections in the Museum – Education Center, a Gallery, and a Public Meeting Room. The Education Center contains many exhibitions and seminars related to art, architecture, literature, and other art forms. Skilled experts and artists from Finland and other countries have come here to share their ideas, creativity, and knowledge on art and make new contacts. Art events, art workshops, art lectures, guest speakers, group discussions, guest speakers’ shows, and performances are held regularly. The Gallery features a fine collection of paintings, sculptures, photography, and other artworks arranged by artists based on the visitors’ themes. See here for information about Fairport Harbor Memorial Park in Ohio – An excellent Destination.

In Fairport Harbor, Ohio, the Finnish Heritage Museum is the perfect place to learn more about this fascinating country and its unique cultural heritage. Although there is no one reason to travel to Finland besides enjoying a unique cultural experience, the experience’s variety and richness will surely overwhelm you. By visiting the Finland Cultural Museum in Fairport Harbor, Ohio, you will get the chance to learn more about the unique culture and history of this beautiful Baltic neighbor. Fairport Harbor is also the perfect place to shop for items, make unique souvenirs, and take part in exciting activities while enjoying the lovely local flavor and delicacies at the same time.