Fairport Harbor Public Library is a beautiful structure in Fairport Harbor, Ohio. It is designed to look like a town square and is the perfect backdrop for a family visit to the library. There are two branches of the Fairport Harbor Public Library; the northern portion is on Main Street, while the southern part is located on Fairport Harbor Island. The library has two branches that have an entrance on Main Street: More about Fairport Harbor, OH can be seen here.


The Fairport Harbor ferry boat frequently runs throughout Fairport Harbor’s waters and carries visitors to the library via its observation deck on board. The library has a bus service, and many tourists come to the library by bus, and the library has several buses that depart from this location daily. Another frequent means of getting to Fairport Harbor Library is the Port Columbus ferry that docks at the island’s southern end. Another option is to use the Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport to fly to Ohio. Once there, it is a short drive of the Fairport Harbor ferry to get to the library. In the Fairport Harbor Public Library, one can find various reference materials on many subjects such as history, art, culture, nature, and education. Fairport Harbor libraries’ other services include conducting special events, distributing flyers, organizing book drives, delivering announcements, and serving book tables. Click here to read about Fairport Harbor Port Authority in Ohio – A Famous Vacation Getaway.

Fairport Harbor Public Library has an extensive collection of both classic and contemporary books and magazines. It also has two science laboratories where one can do both hands-on science projects or enjoy a quiet afternoon just watching the sunset over the water. Fairport Harbor Library also has an extensive collection of maps and topo maps of all areas of the world. Fairport Harbor Public Library offers a very inclusive and convenient program that welcomes people of all ages. The library has a jogging track inside the library where one can jog with the dolphins or just enjoy the quiet. Even a concession stands just outside of the library where one can buy Fairport Harbor’s famous funnel cake.