The largest city within the greater Cleveland area is Kirtland, Ohio, which is also the county seat of Ohio’s southernmost county, Mahoning County. You’ll find Kirtland among the beautiful scenery that defines southwestern Ohio, and the Kirtland Ohio attractions are sure to keep you coming back again. There is more than enough to do and see in Kirtland, and the attractions include but are not limited to the following: Visit this link for more information.


The Kirtland City Museum is a great place for anyone who is interested in the rich history of Kirtland, Ohio, dating all the way back to the Stone Age. You’ll find many exhibits and educational tools here, as well as plenty of food to enjoy while you’re there. You can also take part in the many community activities, many of which center around art, craft, and history, such as the annual Art Walk held every May. This is also a great place to catch up with friends and family and have some fun time interacting with each other. Kirtland, Ohio, is home to some of Ohio’s earliest historic buildings dating from the 1700s to the present, including a mission, Primary Church, Kirtland Ohio Mission, Kirtland Ohio Meeting House, Ohio Village, Kirtland Historical Society, Kirtland Ohio Historical Society, and the Kirtland Ohio Savings and Loan Company which are located at the corner of Third Street and Cedar street. Ohio’s largest city, Columbus, is just a short driving distance to many of Kirtland’s historic sites and the center point for the regional Dayton area. Kirtland, Ohio, is also an easy day trip for residents of Columbus and the surrounding areas. Read about The Charming and Historic Kirtland Hills, Ohio here.

Kirtland, Ohio, also has much to offer visitors interested in the early American Indians’ culture and history, as you can find early pioneer houses on your tour around the historic Kirtland Country Club. One of the most famous early American pioneer houses is the Kirtland House which was built by Captain William Kirtland nearly one hundred years ago. You’ll also want to take a trip out into the wooded areas surrounding the town to view some of the many unique natural wonders that abound in Kirtland, Ohio. Nature lovers will love taking advantage of this natural landscape and environment while they are in town, and if you are looking for entertainment in the same setting, you can do so in Kirtland by checking out the many bars and pubs around town for some great nightlife entertainment.